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Procurement Management Training Course

What I will learn?

  • After successfully finishing the Procurement Management Training Course training at Bharat Academy Education, you will become proficient in the following areas:
  • Efficiently manage the procurement process.
  • Effectively oversee the supply base.
  • Handle operational requirements adeptly.
  • Build and manage supplier relationships.
  • Foster positive inter-departmental relationships.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of procurement responsibilities.
  • Apply acquired knowledge effectively in various professional roles.
  • In the Procurement Management Training certification course at Bharat Academy, you will delve into these important subjects.
  • Application of logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • Advanced demand planning
  • Break-even analysis
  • Procurement basics
  • Logistics basics
  • Demand planning
  • Negotiation strategies
  • Production and distribution
  • Types of Contracts and Management
  • JIT
  • MTS & MTD
  • Sustainable supply chain operations

Course Curriculum

Unit 1 – Role of Supply Chain in Business

Unit 2 – Logistics Management

Unit 3 – Inventory Management

Unit 4 – Supplier Management

Unit 5 – Sustainability in Supply Chain

Unit 6 – Supply Chain Excellence

Unit 7 – Collaboration in Supply Chain

Unit 8 – Risk Management

Unit 9 – Emerging Technologies in Supply Chain

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Target Audience

  • The Procurement Management Training Course stands out as one of the top choices for procurement managers and professionals. At Bharat Academy, we have thoughtfully crafted this program to cater to newcomers and industry novices. Below is the ideal learner’s profile for the Procurement Management Training Course.
  • Professionals in supervisory or team-leader roles
  • Those seeking comprehensive training in procurement and purchasing processes
  • Individuals interested in materials management and supply chain activities
  • Professionals looking to advance their supply chain operations knowledge
  • Individuals aiming to maximize portability through effective supply chain management
  • Professionals seeking to enhance international procurement processes within their organizations



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